Thursday, April 8, 2010

This, That, and the Other

The Friends with Benefits show was amazing. My feet were killing me standing on that hard wooden floor all night but other than that what an amazing night. The turn out was awesome. I was hoping a lot of people would come by, but i didnt expect the epic amount that flowed through the door to see the work. Sooooo many people everywhere - it was great.

(Landon Wise photography)

I havent seen a gathering of sticker artists like that night since 3 years ago in Arizona. Everyone was trading and collabing on stickers. Blackbooks were being passed around like joints and handshakes were all over the place.

Big thanks to everyone that came out, helped us set up, our sponsors, Rarebreed, Junobo Paint, Sticky Rick, and anyone else i forgot.

Collab install with WTF and Dash - thanks fellas for bolting it up with the quickness
(photo by WTF & Dash)

Stuff from the show is on sale here:



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