Saturday, January 16, 2010

Yeah, its the weekend, so what?

Who calls ya up at 5:45 in the morning and tells ya to get up and go to Wawa? UWP is retarded. But I did, and we went, and it actually was a good idea. Got some hash browns and a few Red Bulls. Driving in the morning is great. When it's that early and nobody is on the road you can speed and blast music, it was a good time.

So now I'm sitting here in the middle of sticker paper and open paints trying to type this. Above is a picture of a painting UWP is working on, he just uploaded the other one I took to Flickr. I think it looks done but apparently it's not. I don't know, it looks done to me.

Before i go lay down in the hallway, the only open space there is here, I wanted to say have a good weekend east coasters! It's supposed to be nice outside. A fine break from the harsh cold weather, maybe like 50 out today. Later.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Tweets Twits & Twats

Being addicted to many things already I wasn't surprised when UWP emailed me a link to his new twitter page. I myself never really even checked it out before. Seems kinda cool though. Kinda like getting a text message from random friends, family, fans, famous, and or fools. I told him it was just one more thing that will keep him chain smoking and typing rather then painting and being productive but ehhh, why listen to me.?
Apparently there is a sticker show coming up in Mexico. If ya haven't heard about it Google it or something. Check flick. I don't really know where to send ya, if I had a link I'd let ya know.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Catch the Rabbit?

The workshop is a mess. I was there yesterday and it is out of control. Packages everywhere and canvas's getting boxed up. How can a person be working on 5 canvases at one time? All while blasting Coheed & Cambria, i don't get it.

I saw some new simple and complex designs for upcoming stickers. Some look BNE inspired with a morbid twist on them. The complex (for lack of a better word) ones are looking amazing. I love to see hand drawn stickers that look printed. But I am told that they will be mass produced as well.

The prints I have previously mentioned in the last post are still in the works. And I was told about some digital and canvas prints too. Hopefully i will get the hook up or at least be able to take a picture and have it up here. I'll try for a sneek peek.

Let me tell ya, UWP is crazy, but now that he is home due to a foot injury he has gone off the deep end. Talk of time travel and other random rubbish are all I heard for an hour. Who answers questions with "Catch the rabbit" ? He is one of my best friends, but a crazy fucker in my opinion. Maybe ya have to be a little mad to produce art? i don't know.

Sorry I have not been able to update this blog as much as I should. I am definitely going to do my best to write everyday.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy New Year

Well its the new year and its sure to suck just as much as the old year. Just another few of the same old months with the same old days in em, but hey, at least there was a great party right.
This blog hasnt been updated in a while so i figure ill ramble on about some crap i have seen around UWP's workshop.
Alot of new sticker designs are being dazzled up by the likes of monkeys on computers. Elves are working on bigger canvases then normal and a vault was recently opened and old 228 labels were found inside. UWP has rats drawing on them as we speak.
Goest Face and UWP are working on some screen print jazz for shirts and hopefully a few prints.
As always UWP has some sort of health issue going on. Many doc visits and jazz are sure to be coming up. Im sure ill be the asshole that gets to drive em over. Perhaps he will die a young death and all the crap he has produced will be worth mad money. We can only be so lucky


.UWP.. 33 VII --TSB--