Thursday, January 27, 2011

recent canvas work

Layer Face*

Stupid Face*Half

top to bottom left to right:
4x12, 8x10, 8x10, 11,14, 16x20

More new paintings can found HERE and as always on the store

Sunday, January 23, 2011

i was asked these questions for some paper a kid was writing for school.

-What makes someone an artist?
*other people calling you one i guess

-Whats in your pockets?
*presto, $1.37, lighter, cigs, 4 stickers, ID

-How old are you?
* weird uncle age

-Why do you put up artwork?
*its fun and addictive. Im stressed out if i dont

-Who are your favorite artists?
*my friends. Ticky, El Toro, Goest Face Thrilla, Arks, Roger, Bob Will Reign, Werms Two, Feral Dog, Robots Will Kill, Swamp Donkey, CZRVII, Soma, Girafa, i cant name them all. Some people are just people yaknow, but like their whole life is like some epic retarded art like my friemd Tim. I think Tim is my favorite artist.

-If you became super rich tomorrow whats the first thing you would do?
* go to the dentist

-Hahaha! OK, What are some other things you would do?
*uhh... go to wawa and buy a shit load of cigs, get a car and a motorcycle. Probly get like a shitload of paint and invite my friends over to paint the house id buy. I dont know yaknow. f i was super rich id tell all the main fools i chill with everyday not to work anymore.

-Any upcoming plans?
*try to survive till spring. Work on paintings and get some shirts done. Regular shit i guess.

-Thanks! Anything else I should know or you want to say?
* ALL YOU SEE IS 33,, VII is the almighty. hope you get a good grade.

Friday, January 21, 2011


from beyond the grave
you see my camera anywhere? cause i sure as shit cant find it

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


fashion will kill us all


just finished a 14x24 inch canvas, i think thats the size.
now working on a 2x4 ft canvas. kinda a winter project thing i guess.
listening to some shit by some weirdo Ronald Jenkins

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Snow Day

Black book pages in Rogers book. Still a lot more work to do.
stocking up for the next warmer day

Monday, January 3, 2011


You got that Christmas money from grand mom and now your gonna freshen up your paint and supplies right. - Get your shit from ILLADEL .
Dont over pay for supplies and paint. Dont over pay for shipping. These sites offering free cans with the purchase of 10 cans or whatever, fuck that. Cheaper and Faster from ILLADEL.
-Seriously, look around, check out other online stores and you'll see what im talking about.
--and before ya think i got something invested in Illadel, or i got hooked up for saying this, or its my buddys store or something - it aint. Ive order'd from them a few times now and am just impressed with the prices and how quick the stuff gets to my door


.UWP.. 33 VII --TSB--