Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Catch the Rabbit?

The workshop is a mess. I was there yesterday and it is out of control. Packages everywhere and canvas's getting boxed up. How can a person be working on 5 canvases at one time? All while blasting Coheed & Cambria, i don't get it.

I saw some new simple and complex designs for upcoming stickers. Some look BNE inspired with a morbid twist on them. The complex (for lack of a better word) ones are looking amazing. I love to see hand drawn stickers that look printed. But I am told that they will be mass produced as well.

The prints I have previously mentioned in the last post are still in the works. And I was told about some digital and canvas prints too. Hopefully i will get the hook up or at least be able to take a picture and have it up here. I'll try for a sneek peek.

Let me tell ya, UWP is crazy, but now that he is home due to a foot injury he has gone off the deep end. Talk of time travel and other random rubbish are all I heard for an hour. Who answers questions with "Catch the rabbit" ? He is one of my best friends, but a crazy fucker in my opinion. Maybe ya have to be a little mad to produce art? i don't know.

Sorry I have not been able to update this blog as much as I should. I am definitely going to do my best to write everyday.


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