Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Damon photo Demon

Too many people consider or call themselves photographers these days. Just cause you own a fancy new digital camera doesn't mean you can take pictures worth looking at. There are though a few photographers in Philly that really know their stuff. I like their work and i often ask myself how on earth they got that shot. Were they laying on the ground? Did they stand up on something? Does their camera hold some sort of black magic? Did they wait for months for the perfect timing, or did they get lucky and it happened in an instant?

I like seeing pictures where i don't understand how it looks so amazing. It looks like the photo has always existed and was made by some super computer in some underground laboratory the goverment doesnt want you to know about. Damon Landry has been taking this type of quality photo for years. I first noticed his work on flickr, he was taking a lot of pictures of the sticker art he saw throughout his day that he enjoyed. Damon has taken over 500 pictures of UWP stickers dating all the way back to January in 2007.

But soon i started really looking at all the pictures that weren't of stickers. People, buildings, buses, puddles, reflections, straight lines, all these things I would walk past everyday and never saw. Damon truly has an eagle eye for what makes a great photo.

I check flickr everyday, not for sticker art, not for who collab'd with who, but to scope out Damon's flickr and see what brilliant photo he got today.
I'd like to say cheers to Damon. Your photography is top notch my friend. I wish you the best! Thanks man.

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