Sunday, January 23, 2011

i was asked these questions for some paper a kid was writing for school.

-What makes someone an artist?
*other people calling you one i guess

-Whats in your pockets?
*presto, $1.37, lighter, cigs, 4 stickers, ID

-How old are you?
* weird uncle age

-Why do you put up artwork?
*its fun and addictive. Im stressed out if i dont

-Who are your favorite artists?
*my friends. Ticky, El Toro, Goest Face Thrilla, Arks, Roger, Bob Will Reign, Werms Two, Feral Dog, Robots Will Kill, Swamp Donkey, CZRVII, Soma, Girafa, i cant name them all. Some people are just people yaknow, but like their whole life is like some epic retarded art like my friemd Tim. I think Tim is my favorite artist.

-If you became super rich tomorrow whats the first thing you would do?
* go to the dentist

-Hahaha! OK, What are some other things you would do?
*uhh... go to wawa and buy a shit load of cigs, get a car and a motorcycle. Probly get like a shitload of paint and invite my friends over to paint the house id buy. I dont know yaknow. f i was super rich id tell all the main fools i chill with everyday not to work anymore.

-Any upcoming plans?
*try to survive till spring. Work on paintings and get some shirts done. Regular shit i guess.

-Thanks! Anything else I should know or you want to say?
* ALL YOU SEE IS 33,, VII is the almighty. hope you get a good grade.


.UWP.. 33 VII --TSB--