Wednesday, June 2, 2010


With the help of my friends and OVER KILL studio I'm psyched to announce Power In Numbers. Philly's first OPEN CALL sticker art show. With a ton of featured artists from NYC, Philly, and around the globe! Check the flier for the address to send in your stickers to be added to boards and other things that will be installed throughout the city when the show is over!

OVER KILL is a private studio on 3rd and market i had the pleasure of painting the other day with Roger, Buildmore, Goest, and Bad Dog. Other artist have come by before or after like Royce B and Darkclouds. Its gonna be a fucking awesome place to have the show. That space is giant.

Besides that same old same old. Be sure to catch El Toro's 2nd solo show coming up in china town in july. The sticky bandits will also be down at the punk rock flea market coming up. Peel here is fast approaching and....uhh.... other stuff i cant remember.


.UWP.. 33 VII --TSB--